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The Formula One weekend is a packed calendar and the country is buzzing with excitement ahead of the grand prix. In 2013 it was a night race and in 2013 a day race with a grand prix in the evening and a race in the morning on Sunday.

It is this rich history that gives Bahrain an advantage over other destinations in the Middle East, and that is precisely why it offers such a cultural and historical heritage. From Sukheer, next to the Bahrain International Circuit, you can relax and discover thousands of years of important history.

Another place to visit is Bab el Bahrain Souq, where you can find hand-woven fabrics, handbags, jewelry and other handmade items. The Bahrain Postal Museum in Bab Al-Bahrain shows the history of the Bahraini postal system from its beginnings to the end of the Second World War. Bahrain's banking system is so good that tourists can use Bahrain ATMs in supermarkets, shopping malls and even hospitals.

Taxis in Bahrain are not like in the United Arab Emirates, where they are regulated and you will never be ripped off. In general, Bahrain is safe to visit, as violent crime is rare and the crime rate in Bahrain is relatively low.

Horse racing in Manama is quite common, while pearl diving has made Bahrain very popular on the tourist map. Water sports are extremely popular, tourists and locals enjoy their sport of choice, and the high temperatures in Bahrain make activities at sea seem particularly tempting. Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine and learning It is a great opportunity to learn about it is Bahrain and trips to Bahrain are another great opportunity to meet local women! Water sports are very popular in Bahrain's capital, Bahrain, as tourists or locals enjoy its sports. Bahrain's high temperatures make ocean activities tempting, but water sports are also very common in Bahrain, making it an ideal destination for tourists, locals or both.

Find information about Bahrain and visit our ultimate guide to Manama, which offers you the best things to do in Manama and Bahrain. Our time in the capital Manama begins with a visit to the National Museum of Bahrain. We advise you to spend 4, 5, 7 or more hours before you get to the airport in Bahrain, but first you have to visit the capital of Bahrain in Manama.

The Bab Al-Bahrain is a British building built in 1945 and is today also called the Gate of Bahrain. The entrance to the souq is the imposing Bab al-Khalifa, one of the most important landmarks of the city of Manama.

The Qala al-Bahrain, or Bahrain Fort, is located on the north bank and is one of the most important landmarks of the city of Manama, the capital of Bahrain. It is the largest military fortress in Bahrain and the second largest fortress in Bahrain after the Al-Khalifa fortress. Qalal al-Bahrain, the BahrainFort, is a large military facility with a number of buildings on its northern coast.

As many new destinations are emerging in Manama that are popular with tourists, it remains a place to spend a weekend in the Saudi region. The Bahrain International Circuit is located in the Bahraini desert and will be a magnet for locals during the three days. You will find such small places and even those who do not have a ticket will take their families with them to enjoy the atmosphere.

I probably haven't heard the most about it yet, but there are a number of reasons why Bahrain should be top of your list. Depending on how much time you spend in Bahrain, each place is worth a visit. Milan-born chef Suzi, one of Bahrain's most famous chefs, says: "Bahrain has the best food and the highest quality food in the Middle East and North Africa.

Although Bahrain is considered a modern and rapidly developing country, the locals have not stopped following the customs cherished by their ancestors. Bahrain is the only Gulf state where alcohol is legally available, and has a lively restaurant and nightlife scene that is much more lively than neighboring Saudi Arabia. Most bars are frequented by Saudi tourists who flood Bahrain to engage in activities that are strictly forbidden at home. Although it is an "Islamic" nation, it is also the most liberal country in the Gulf when it comes to human rights.

If you have enough time, you can visit the National Museum of Bahrain, which was also opened in 1988 (1988 seems to be a very important year for Bahrain). If you are in Bahrain for more than 7 hours, make sure you make it to the Al Fatih Grand Mosque before the end of the day.

F1 Experiences, in partnership with our local partners, is able to offer guests at the Bahrain Grand Prix 2020 a range of organised off-track tours.

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More About Manama