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The best thing about travelling is the food that goes with it, and Bahrain is no exception. Located on the bright blue Persian Gulf, it is a place that transcends the boundaries of culture and country to offer something to everyone, be it Asian gastronomy on the 50th floor.

Japanese tradition combined with global flavors and textures Maki's offers a cuisine that transcends the boundaries of culture and country. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, from traditional dishes such as kimchi and kabobs to more exotic dishes such as kombucha and sashimi, as well as a variety of desserts.

If you want to experience unforgettable experiences - fine food is at the top of your holiday kitchen - then a visit to the Gulf island nation opens the door to extend your culinary adventure to traditional dishes from the region, to visit and taste the re-Asian cuisine.

Try this very popular eatery, which has a thriving falafel and kebab business, and don't forget to try the freshly baked delicacies or taste authentic Parisian pastries. The restaurant, which claims to be one of the most popular restaurants in the Gulf state, prides itself on using fresh produce from its own garden and organic produce to ensure that the dishes are nutritious and tasty. Try traditional dishes such as chicken, lamb, beef, pork, chicken and pork ribs, as well as a variety of salads and desserts.

As you can see, Manama's food is all about variety, adding old Bahraini recipes with a quirky twist that gives the food a very different flavor. This is a very popular place in the city, frequented by both locals and tourists. It also offers vegetarian dishes in the home style, as well as a variety of vegetarian options. The street food offers many possibilities and is usually stalls and shopping carts that are sold quickly - firm dinners, but also a big attraction for gourmets.

If you want to accompany your biryani, try some of the different rice varieties, such as rice cabbage, rice balls and rice cakes. Those who wanted to pamper taste and taste, tried one of the vegetarian dishes such as chicken and pork aclava as well as various salads.

The gastronomic experience here is rich and profound, where the small, fine dishes are used. Indian dishes to try and the chefs have a knack for preparing them well, so it is highly recommended that Hyderabadayou try this restaurant. If you want to experience the taste and delicacy of the Decan region IndiaaEUR (tm) s, this is the restaurant for you.

Nirvana means heaven in heaven, and you will feel that when you eat in this restaurant. The Biryani skewers, which have been specially made for your extended palate, will accompany you long after you have eaten. From shawarma to the shopping cart selling grilled sandwiches and chilled coconut water, fast food leaves nothing to be desired.

This is a restaurant and café that serves a storm of breakfasts from around the world and it is one of the most popular restaurants in Manama.

For the perfect steak in Manama, head to the bohemian Adilya district, which offers a wide selection of steaks from around the world as well as some of Bahrain's most popular restaurants. Mexican street food, the best place to go would be El Pueblo in the heart of the city, which offers a stunning selection of authentic Mexican dishes. If you have to choose the ultimate place for good biryani in Bahrain, then it has to be. This restaurant in Manama offers the best European eateries a run for their money.

If you are in a hurry, don't bother coming or miss out on a wide selection of food, but if you are looking for good food and a relaxed ambience, this house will satisfy your wishes as well as any place you can find. Most of you probably won't try this place, and I'm afraid to admit that if I were a food connoisseur, this would be my top 10 favorite.

If you simply can't have enough oriental fare, Rice Bowl is the perfect choice for you, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, making this one of the best restaurants in Bahrain. It provides a formal setting and is ideal for special occasions, be it a wedding, a birthday party or even a special occasion for your family and friends.

With spectacular views of the Bay of Bahrain and Manama, guests of the skyline can enjoy a menu of dishes such as fish and seafood, as well as a wide selection of vegetarian dishes. Located in the heart of the city's most popular shopping and entertainment district, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck's re-Asian cuisine is one of the highest culinary experiences in the kingdom.

The show kitchen offers a first-class selection of beef, and the juicy, tender meat with side dishes and flavours of rich spices makes for the perfect meal. Excellent dishes include chicken, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and pork ribs, while duck and lamb are also on the menu.

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