Manama Bahrain Intercontinental Hotel

Treat yourself to homemade Tex - Mex cuisine prepared by a talented chef and relax with an aromatic and invigorating cappuccino accompanied by one of our freshly baked pastries. The resident DJ revives the senses with a mix of live music from local bands and artists, as well as a selection of local wines.

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Stunning modern design meets timeless hospitality in a refined and informal lobby and lounge, perfect for a business meeting or private dinner with friends and family. The stunning modern designs are enhanced by contemporary hospitality, while each meeting is unforgettable with 16 fully equipped meeting rooms.

For an additional fee, you can work out in the gym or relax in the spa. Relax in a fitness centre with gym, hot tub and gym or later relax in a spa with an additional charge such as sauna, saunas, hot tub, pool or spa.

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More About Manama

More About Manama