Manama Bahrain Events

Bahrain's National Day will illuminate the entire island and provide a series of events to attend during the four-day holiday we will be spending in the city centre.

This event brings together artists from across the country to showcase their talents to the general public. On the boulevard of the shopping center, over 30 local artists will perform, with live music, food and entertainment, as well as a live performance by a local band.

During the event, visitors will be shown photos and videos, and they can also buy crafts from marine life at the exhibitions held here. The most honourable place should of course be given to local cuisine, but here too there are other types of traditional dishes. Make sure to try some of the dishes, such as date puree, fried pretzels and other dishes, to get to know the diverse culture of Bahrain. Note this important nuance when visiting religious sites in Bahrain as well as other cultural events.

Offsite-based experiences provide an original way to engage delegates and motivate them to build effective working relationships by leveraging the unique character, heritage, and geography of the destination to inspire interaction. Bring the event to life with someone who can really hit the nerve of the delegates and enrich their experience beyond measure.

Entertainment is as important as ever at this time of year, so this festival is a true paradise for divers and fishermen. As a result, more and more planners are discovering the potential of the Manama Bahrain Festival as a destination for entertainment, food and entertainment.

The festival will be held at Bahrain's Seef Mall and Bahrain Fort in Manama, Pearl Harbour, Bahrain International Convention Center and the Royal Bahrain Museum. Free dive with 8 divers flying the flag of Bahrain, free diving in the Gulf of Aden, Bahrain, on the day of the festival and free diving in Bahrain.

We have carefully chosen to encourage our delegates with locally inspired and authentic experiences to ensure the same level of excellence that people expect from InterContinental Hotels and Resorts.

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Bahrain, the capital, welcomes participants from all over the world, and at the end of October visitors to Manama will enjoy the Festival of Art, Music, Dance, Food and Entertainment at the Bahrain International Market. Many indigenous people spend the whole day at the market, talking to friends, drinking coffee and discussing the latest news with passers-by - by. While the festival focuses on the arts of Bahrain, it is a great opportunity to get to know the local culture and experience the art and culture of the people of the country.

Learn more about the history of the country, its history and its people, as well as its culture and traditions.

The Insider Community is not only there to help the people on the ground, but also to create truly memorable and meaningful experiences for the delegates. From delicious lunches and regional dishes to the best insider tips from the concierge team, a few minutes from your busy schedule can turn into an experience. Immerse yourself in the community to gain an additional understanding of the local culture, history, culture and culture of Bahrain. Embbe immerses itself in a community by immersing itself in the cultural traditions and traditions of the country and gaining deeper understanding.

When it comes to the entertainment on offer in Bahrain, the first thing to definitely mention is the numerous colourful markets and shops. This festival introduces visitors to Bahrain's rich marine culture, as Manama is conveniently located on the Persian Gulf. During this time you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of events, including the Bahrain Bay Festival at the Four Seasons Hotel, located on the Bay of Bahrain, a venue in Bahrain.

Alcohol is easily bought in Bahrain, but it is important to remember that alcohol is only allowed in designated areas, such as bars and restaurants. You must be drunk and it will not be easy for you to buy alcohol in local shops and restaurants.

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More About Manama